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sighkick, Mar 8, 9:21am
Anyone successfully wipe Vista and install XP? I have been trying to help a friend kill Vista and install XP but no matter what I do [FDisk, MBR Fix tools, Partition tools, Delete all partitions and remake them - Hiren's CD] XP will NOT install. Error message is that there is NO Hard Drive, yet the Vista Recovery disks find the HDD ok. Anyone any suggestions other than replacing the HDD [Toshiba Satellite Laptop].

swivel, Mar 8, 9:24am
Done it a few times Pain in the butt some times with the new LT's. With the XP cd, Have you booted with it and it should see the HD. Otherwise i'll be keen to find out why it can't be seen

mrfxit, Mar 8, 9:26am
First thought that comes to mind is . .. That the laptop runs a series 1 Sata hdd bios & needs the sata drivers loaded first before the hdd can be detected by the XP installer. The vista recovery disk would already have the sata drivers preloaded.

mrfxit, Mar 8, 9:28am
Some bios's had to be Setup to read Sata as Scsi & some you had to turn off the sata bios options completly before xp would pickup. Yea that seems odd but it's what I have heard a few times.

evoeater, Mar 8, 9:28am
Change SATA option in BIOS to emulate IDE (not AHCI). Then install XP using a slipstreamed version, either with SP1 or SP2. That should sort it. Though unless your laptop has only 512MB of RAM then personally I would of just stuck with Vista.

sighkick, Mar 8, 9:33am
Thanks guys.... You can't guess how long I have tried to figure that out and never once thought to go into the BIOS. Yes, the Laptop has a Gb of RAM and the owner [an elderly neighbour] wants XP on the machine. There was me blaming something in Vista causing the problem. At least we know that the recovery disks [two DVD's] he made do work!

mrfxit, Mar 8, 9:45am
LOL gee's sighkick & YOU call your self psychic ;-)~

gibler, Mar 8, 9:46am
Done a few Toshiba laptops Vista to XP upgrade. Both had the dreaded STOP 7B error. Had to load in Sata drivers (Press F6) using an external USB floppy drive and Intel SATA drivers, so I could do XP repair installs. I didn't see any SATA Legacy options in either of their BIOS options (which I usually try first).

sighkick, Mar 8, 10:07am
Yeah, sux ey? Damn Crystal Ball is all fogged up today, relative humidity or something!

_sexylady_, Mar 8, 10:30am
The other thing i have found that works is HDD Manufacture format tool, but in order to install XP you will may have to play in BIOS for the install to see the HDD

sighkick, Mar 9, 4:57am
Update...... Thanks for all your advice people but we have put this in the too hard basket. Pressing F6 to load the drivers for the [other than IDE] hard drive when loading XP and it looks for a Floppy Drive - No Floppy Drive and no-one to borrow and external from! The other suggested trick is to slip-stream the SATA drivers [Intel Matrix Storage Manger] into the XP install. Never done that and don't have the patience :( The final solution would be to remove the 2.5" SATA drive, purchase an adapter to suit [only have an IDE one] and configure the drive in another computer - then what about the differing hardware? It's a nightmare and my neighbour is having to settle on Vista Home Premium for the time being. Yes, the Recovery DVDs obviously have the SATA drivers slipstreamed into the installation.

sighkick, Mar 9, 4:59am
P.s. There was no option in BIOS to make the Hard Drive emulate IDE or SCSI - the BIOS is pretty spartan. Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A200 [PSAF3A]

dino7, Mar 9, 5:22am
How about boot to usb (in the bios) can load the sata drivers from there maybe? .... or is there a floppy emulator?;) lol

gibler, Mar 9, 5:36am
Well you just add in the SATA drivers to a XP SP2 slipstreamed CD then.

ferita, Mar 9, 5:47am
I have done it on a compaq laptop and it was hard getting the drivers. I ended up just hacking drivers not meant for my computer or hardware in the end. It goes so much faster without windows vista. Its like a rocket now

sighkick, Mar 9, 6:43am
I have heard about slip-streaming the Service Packs into an Installation CD but how do you slipstream in the SATA drivers so that they load at the start [or look for them]? I may give it a go if someone can give some instructions on how to do this bit of the exercise [the SATA drivers to load at the right point of the pre-load].

gibler, Mar 9, 6:54am
Well here is one method..just use...

sirfer, Mar 9, 6:58am
Man no sata drivers in bios? gotta love M$ and lock-in :(

evoeater, Mar 9, 12:21pm
Microsoft don't make BIOSs If the bios is basic then it's nothing to do with them.

_sexylady_, Mar 9, 8:07pm
Think we have a USB floppy drive here sighkick... want me to have a look?

_sexylady_, Mar 9, 8:09pm
Yip we do have a HP USB external floppy drive.... could load drivers for HDD then

sirfer, Mar 9, 8:51pm
Re #19 think about it have a sata lappy WITHOUT drivers in bios, yet they are in the vista disk...can you imagine if your lappy came without ide drivers except if (and only if) you installed XP? it's called "lock-in" and it sux ...the manufacturers are deliberately leaving the drivers out so you more-or-less HAVE to use vista so 50% the blame for this ridiculous state of affairs can be laid with M$ and the other 50% on the manufacturer for being on their knees for M$...those dell lappys with ubuntu are looking increasingly more appealing...

gibler, Mar 9, 8:55pm
What are you on about #22? Toshiba will give you restore media for XP, that obviously includes the SATA drivers.

psx_man, Mar 9, 9:12pm
Random. I installed XP on a Toshiba Satellite A200 the other week with no problems.. But then some of the drivers were quite hard to find.

phillbit, Mar 9, 9:27pm
Wipe vista off an asus was ok till it came to find the wireless driver. but asus email the driver to me

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