Fixing a NIKON digital camera ??? any ideas ???

brought a job lot of camera gear including a8 zoom Nikon 5700w/ accessories. . . nice camera. . see they sell on here for $200-$250. . . thing is powers up. . . . no image on screen only data on settings etc. . . focuses , takes photo , but nothing on card. . . . like theres no connection between the lens , sensor and the rest of camera. . .

geek_mark68, Dec 27, 6:01 pm

would like to fix it if practible as otherwise like new cond.

geek_mark68, Dec 27, 6:04 pm

Not worth it, good camera in its day but that is well past.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 27, 6:05 pm

have you googled it.

I have fixed more than one camera that way, two actually.

I was told by an 'expert' one was a paperweight.

geek_rawill, Dec 27, 6:07 pm

just looked at "nikon users group". . . . apparently common fault with the on/off switch. . . doesn't turn all camera functions on. . . . or could be the CCD. . . . apparently NIKON o/s fix it for free. . . . in NZ ? ? ?

geek_mark68, Dec 27, 6:13 pm

hmm. . . . CCDs in these made by. . . SONY. . . . . oh dear. . . .

geek_mark68, Dec 27, 6:29 pm


geek_mark68, Dec 29, 4:48 pm

take off the lens cap. . lol

geek_soodanim, Dec 29, 7:42 pm

T A Macalister in Auckland are the Nikon importers

geek_gammelvind, Dec 31, 1:12 pm

We had a similar problem with our camera. We looked up the NZ Canon importer which happened to be in Christchurch. We phoned them up and they said to bring the camera in and they would send it away to be looked at. The camera was 5years old and they said that the fault the camera had was common and they would fix it for no charge. They took a while and I guess they had to order the parts in from Japan, but they phoned us up and said it was repaired and they would courier it out to us. We received it and all is good.

geek_tool_shop173, Dec 31, 1:32 pm

well thanks. . . . but i'm not the original owner so would they fix it ?

geek_mark68, Dec 31, 1:37 pm

I had my 5700 fixed by mcalisters earlier this year, no cost as it was a known fault and repaired under warrantee, even though it was over 5 years old and changed hands a couple of times. Ring them and talk to them,

geek_robinm1, Dec 31, 3:08 pm