Iphone 3gs Help with ringtone please

Hi there, anyone know or if its possible to change calling and txting tone to a song instead of the beeps lol thanks.

geek_rosedj, Dec 28, 5:03 pm

go to itunes and the ringtone section unfortunetly not free if thats what you mean, when my phone USED to be jailbroken you could get all sorts of ringtones for free from cydia etc

geek_billybob57, Dec 28, 7:50 pm

not sure about the txt tones

geek_billybob57, Dec 28, 7:51 pm

. . . I downloaded a ringtone recently, was thinking at the time why dont they have ringtone sound/beep etc type bundles on itunes, they only have songs. . dumb

geek_billybob57, Dec 28, 7:53 pm

just did a bit of googling and you CAN create your own from your library , instructions here http://www. ehow.com/how_2160460_custom-iphone-ringtones-free
. html

geek_billybob57, Dec 28, 7:56 pm