will a iphone 3gs 16gb work on telecom xt network

geminidragon, Jan 1, 7:35am
we just bought it today and live in the country and use vodaphone but the reception is bad , can a telecom xt network sim card work on these phones andhow do you go about it thanks

richms, Jan 1, 8:03am

Buy one, put it in the phone.

phil_boy, Jan 1, 9:00am
I have the 3GS too, and it works perfect on XT.

geminidragon, Jan 1, 9:17am
cool thanks our vodaphone reception is aweful where we live , i heard we can keep our vodaphone number and transfer that to the telecom network simcard has anyone else done this thanks

phil_boy, Jan 1, 9:25am
Yep, you sure can.

richms, Jan 1, 12:20pm
I have moved all my vodafone prepay numbers to either telecom or 2 degrees since both offer better customer service without charging a buck. Only way they will learn is if more people move.

malachiman, Jan 1, 8:22pm
It will work, but to make use of all the features you need to install the XT carrier bundle on the iPhone, since Telecom is not an official network for the iPhone just yet, you can get it from here, with some simple instructions on how to install it, its very easy to do.

http://www. iphonewzealand.co.nz/2009/all/tip-telecom-xt-carr

geminidragon, Jan 2, 3:27am
ok many thanks

mone, Jan 2, 3:34am
vodaphone , interesting way to spell it

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