Havey Norman HP Mini rainchecks

hewlettsh1t, Jan 1, 8:29pm
Hi I'm just wondering how many of you went to Harvey Norman and asked for a rain check on the hp mini. My laptop died 2 days before xmas so I decided this is a good deal. On boxing day I was in the que but missed out by 2 people ahead of me. On Monday I went to HN moorehouse and asked for a raincheck, but the guy said, I can take your name down no promises. Then I told him under the fta bait advertising bla bla bla. Anyway I found him very unprofessional. He wrote my name down on a scrap of paper. So then I got in the car and went all the way to Belfast HN, where the guy put the raincheck through and I paid in full no worries. But anyway I just hope the HP mini can do everything I need, which isn't much, music, word processing, bit torrent, internet browsing, youtube movies music. Would this handle the sims 3? I think an pentium 1. 6 with 1gb ram is capable of most things.

malachiman, Jan 1, 8:34pm
I thought it was an Atom CPU? ? could be wrong

hewlettsh1t, Jan 1, 8:50pm
Yes its an intel atom , running at 1. 6ghz. :) Plenty of speed I think.

mrtoken, Jan 1, 11:18pm
sim3 no way, net books are for internet things and a little music, not a gaming machine.

babcorp, Jan 1, 11:25pm
I boughtbroom, will it be good enough to vacuum my house?

mford007, Jan 1, 11:28pm
computer says "NO! ! "

Sims 3-

CPU: Pentium IV 2. 0 GHz, Athlon XP 2000+ (XP) // Pentium IV 2. 4 GHz, Athlon XP 2400+ (Vista)
RAM: 1. 5 GB (XP) // 2. 0 GB (Vista)
Graphics: GoForce Go 6200, Radeon mobile 9600 (XP and Vista)
Video RAM: 128 MB (XP and Vista)

leobreaker, Jan 1, 11:29pm
Atom CPU is not made for games, that's why it's only in netbooks. A 1. 6 Ghz Atom N280 is very different to say, 1. 3Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, and the latter is much more capable.

Umm sir, if you find the Mini is not what you are looking for, would you be kind enough to sell it to me for a similar price to what you paid for (would be helping out a poor student ^_^)?

hewlettsh1t, Jan 1, 11:46pm
Hey Leobreaker sorry. If it can't play sims 3 I will have to live without sims 3 capabilities. Probably a good thing because I got addicted to sims 2 and play it 14 hours straight once. Hopefully it should be able to handle sims 2. But yes it should be able to handle bit torrent, word processing and youtube easily. The only thing I am worried about is windows movie maker, because sometimes I use that to put big video files together, that I take at full resolution with my 6 megapixel camera.

leobreaker, Jan 2, 12:13am
That's alright, but it sounds like you might be needing something more powerful than just a netbook if you doing multi-media. . .

Do you know this netbook doesn't have a CD drive?

hewlettsh1t, Jan 2, 12:26am
Yes I know it doesn't have one, but thats ok because I have good USB DVD RW. Your probably right about me needing something faster, but I blew a lot of money over Xmas. I don't think you can get something more powerful with windows xp.

chuckie30, Jan 2, 4:20am
Seems Hewlett been a bad boy. Those netbooks wont run games, they dont have a cd drive.

akkadian, Jan 2, 5:34am
I imagine it was his username that got him the boot

kiwigal, Jan 2, 7:02am
Went to HN's today, they are now saying that the ads was wrong & they won't give out anymore laptops. . .

They also know they are getting slamed on boards like this one. . .

soodanim, Jan 2, 12:01pm
They don't have to "give out anymore" the sale is over. . . has been for days.

lucky.gadgets, Jan 2, 1:56pm
True though, their adverts were wrong, should have had 'While stocks last' or something to that effect.

quotejoss, Jan 2, 7:03pm
u can just rip it to an iso and use a virtual drive. simple to do

costellofam, Jan 2, 9:28pm
LMFAO. L2Read the thread

soodanim, Jan 2, 11:02pm
I believe because there was no such "warning" and that's why it came back to bite them and they had to do the rainchecks but one can't expect to get one after the sale is finished.

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