Restricted internet access

mrfxit, Apr 27, 8:39pm
Restricted internet access The ONLY provider that could even remotely be caught up in "human rights" issues with regards to information access is the ISP telco provider, NOT the customer (Ie: the schools), & even then the isp's are tied as to what can be allowed, same as website owners, vie our countrys & international laws. Basicly, anything the cusomer (schools in this case) wants to restrict access to, is totally up to the school, HEY who's paying for the service, who pays for the computers, WHO supplys the frickin power & buildings. .. . .. . .. AAAaaarrrhhhhhhhhh . . .. .RANT over

mrfxit, Apr 27, 8:39pm
For Now ;-)

1clickaway, Apr 27, 10:29pm
Two Sides I'm not in the middle of this: Nor do I condone what the school allow or don't allow: I do; To SOME degree adhere to the policies of the 'school': Namely the constant PUBLIC views on the BEBO and YOUTUBE sites trends: It used to be bulling: then TXT bullies: Now the web full of 'organized fights within school' : All for the price of WHAT? Sure I have put up my 15 minutes of NFS escapes; Be it that its a game: And not condoning the use of cars and ramming other cars. Its a GAME! Not only its the BEBO sites etc: its also the other sites too: like.... TM.. dating etc: (staff use) Reminds me: I gotta clear my Internet history when I'm fin :D

kickpac5, Apr 27, 10:59pm
.... There are alternative methods for eliminating the objectionable material seen by students including: education programs, acceptable use policies and teacher oversight, Rob Courtney said, a policy analyst at the Centre for Democracy and Technology. None of which break the Human Rights Act of New Zealand.

kickpac5, Apr 27, 11:07pm
What if you were an accountant and your work had blocked your access to all banking websites?

1clickaway, Apr 28, 12:03am
Like It Or Lump It Theres nothing YOU can do about it: So you 'pay' school fee SO WHAT: You want to view certain sites but CANT: SO WHAT: (do it at home... thats what the Internet for) At schools; Library; any GOVERNMENT structures; the "Internet" is purely for certain sites: and not ENTIRE web: GET OVER IT:

1clickaway, Apr 28, 12:16am
In Case you Can't Access Internet<br />de-of-Practice-for-Internet-Usage-in-Organisations?OpenDocument

1clickaway, Apr 28, 12:18am

soodanim, Apr 28, 12:22am
#5... Why would they? It's a bit different to you being able to search for Egyptian designs. Go to the library. If they don't have anything, request them or go to the public you know what that is?

julieandcasper, Apr 28, 12:39am
I'd be very surprised if you hadn't signed an internet usage agreement presented by your school on your enrolment at that school. I know all the pupils at our school do. under education for a sample contract.

mrfxit, Apr 28, 9:46am
LOL julieandcasper Yess very good point, plus most schools have notices all over the computer labs reminding PUPIL'S (read SCHOOL KIDS), of the usage conditions for the computers AND internet access. Heck even Wintec has those restriction notices.

julieandcasper, Apr 28, 8:18pm
I don't know why the OP assumes they have a right to the internet in the first place. The school COULD just not have computers at all...much less the internet!

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