Printer problem.....

majsp, Jan 2, 6:25am
I have a Brother DCP-110C. Months ago it kept saying "paper jam"so I turned it off and gave up. Now I need it, ink loaded and no paper jam. Thing is it prints away but only produces blank pages. Have had a google but nothing of help. I know they're damn cheap to buy new but would love to save this one. Any suggestions?

ferita, Jan 2, 6:28am
Clean the print head.
It should fix the problem. Sounds like ink has dried and clogged it since you last used it.

deej5, Jan 2, 6:34am
I had this problem when my mouse got stuck!

http://images. jp

majsp, Jan 2, 6:39am
Thanks very much ferita, will have to find out how to do it. Sounds right, I haven't used it in over a year.

deej5, thanks for the laugh!

majsp, Jan 2, 6:41am
Damn. . . . I thought that picture was funny. Just showed it to one of my 9 yrs olds and she now seems rather upset ;-(

us109, Jan 2, 11:18pm
Cool picture. . .

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