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henpen, Jan 4, 11:25pm
Hi. . . . . I have been given a Brother MFC-240C printer that I am trying to instal on my (ancient) PC. Am running on Win2000 V5 SP4 but am having trouble completing the installation. I put the CD-ROM in and run through the steps easily until the part where I have to connect the USB cable to computer and switch machine on. It just stalls at that point. Instructions say Win2000 Pro users must be logged on with Administrator rights. This might be where my problem is? The machine was inherited from a business and was originally run on a network and I don't know how to change the settings to a stand-alone machine (if that's what I need to do). Also, this new printer includes fax capabilities that I haven't worried about setting up as I don't have a telephone line cord yet, and probably won't even be wanting to use this function anyway. Could that have something to do with installation not completing? Cheers

0800xford, Jan 4, 11:47pm
admin = "safe mode", windows calls admin "safe mode". htm

henpen, Jan 5, 1:25am
Thanks 0800. Yes, I know I'm working with a dinosaur (and I know MS are only going to support it til July this year) but installing a newer OS is way above me. I will try rebooting in 'safe' mode and see if that makes the difference. Many thanks

drcspy, Jan 5, 1:29am
nah safe mode can be very limitingI doubt you could install it in safe mode. . . . . you sure you got the right cd?

0800xford, Jan 5, 1:32am
maybe you need to give the account holder [user account] admin privileges?
you'd do this from safe mode no doubt, right?
[at least with xp you do]

henpen, Jan 5, 2:10am
I tried Safe Mode but couldn't get any further with this. Googled and found out how to check if I did have Admin rights (right click on Start and if it shows "Open All Users / Explore All Users" then the user has Admin rights). So that doesn't seem to be the problem. Would a lack of memory be a likely problem? I only have 77, 956 KB of available physical memory left - not sure if I got this from the right place as not sure where to go for this info. I am trying to limp along with this PC until I can hopefully get a whole new machine later in the year so I don't want to have to spend money on this. I looked at Brothers site to check for drivers and came up with this http://welcome. solutions.
dlf/dlf/000000/002300/dlf002305.html? reg=eu&c=eu_ot&
4&dlid=dlf002305&dispforlist=1 . Would that be safe to do/use or is this not what I would need?

0800xford, Jan 5, 2:16am
How to Download and Install

Unplug the FAX/MFC/DCP from the AC outlet and disconnect your FAX/MFC/DCP from your computer if you already connected an interface cable.
(For Windows® 2000 Professional, you must be logged on as the Administrator. )

Make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file, e. g. C:\bront
Start downloading.
Once downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file to extract it.
Connect the FAX/MFC/DCP to your PC by Parallel or USB Cable and turn on the FAX/MFC/DCP by plugging in the power cord.
When the "Found New Hardware Wizard" screen appears, click "Next".
Select (Recommended) and click "Next".
Check only "Specify a location" and click "Next".
Click "Browse" to locate the file. Specify the same directory as you extracted the file in Step 3 and click "Open", then "OK".
Make sure "Specify a location" is selected and click "Next".
Click Finish.
Repeat the steps from 5 to 10 two more times.

henpen, Jan 5, 2:24am
Thanks 0800 - will try this.

0800xford, Jan 5, 2:37am

henpen, Jan 5, 9:21am
OK. . . . . time to confess. I didn't read the instructions properly first time I tried to instal hence the problems. Have since uninstalled the relevant drivers and started again. Got past the point that I was getting stuck on last time, but now am lost when it says "The file "brby06a. drv on Brother Inkjet MFC Printer driver disk is needed. . . type path where file located. . . . and click OK". I have no idea where to go to find this file. Can you help me with this? (I have checked Brothers website by can't find anything there. )

spyware, Jan 5, 9:28am
The directory you extracted the driver to maybe? ?

mone, Jan 5, 9:45am
Had the same problem trying to install the earlier MFC of this model, I have to say Brother after sales support is pretty limited and rubbish, I rung their help line and I was told to get the driver from their poorly designed website, told them I have the website driver and it cannot run, its 200MB and Im not downloading it again. They said that's all they can do. Never buying another brother printer again.

0800xford, Jan 5, 6:26pm
henpen reread step #1

1. Make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file, e. g. C:\bront

drcspy, Jan 5, 7:14pm
do a windows search on the disk to find the file. . . . . . . .

drcspy, Jan 5, 7:16pm

"Would a lack of memory be a likely problem? I only have 77, 956 KB of available physical memory left - not sure if I got this from the right place as not sure where to go for this info. "

what that refers to is the amount of RAM remaining for use with the system. . . . . . . and it's NOT a lot at all. . . . in fact its very minimal. . . . . . you'll no doubt find that the system is pretty slow to do things ? open up task manager (hold alt/ctrl keys and tap del key one time) then on the performance tab report the amount of physical memory and the remaining physical mem. . . . . . .

what verson of windows ?

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