Website hosting

Website hosting Can someone tell me- Which website hosting company is the best for multipule websites for and .com? and
If i use visual studio to create a website will it work on web hosting companies which use Linux OS,Microsoft OS or both?

geek_jerolds2, Apr 27, 11:30 pm

Should do It doesnt matter who your hosting company is as long as they offer more than 1 domain registered to your account. Hostgator has a great plan @ $7.95 per month. It has great bandwith and it doesnt matter whether Linux or Windows.

geek_l624628, Apr 28, 12:47 am is a good company i'm working with them at the momment and there service is sweet.

geek_jancemord, Apr 28, 1:30 am

With visual studio are you creating an ASP / ASP.NET website or a static HTML only website?

geek_d.laidlaw, Apr 28, 1:32 am

Or PHP or any other language you might get an extension for.

geek_d.laidlaw, Apr 28, 1:32 am

A website hosting company doesn't necessarily sell domain names and they can host anything [.com,, .org etc etc]. I suggest you purchase .com from GoDaddy and via Discount Domains [its the quality and convenience of their DNS Editing that is of importance to me] and they are the cheapest/quality. Generally, you would look for Windows Hosting for .asp and .net sites and Linux for PHP sites. Web Hosts charge you per Domain Name for hosting unless you rent a complete Virtual Server which can cost up to $US99 per month. You only get the choice of Windows OR Linux and running ASP on a Linux server requires commercial software. Hope that helps.

geek_sighkick, Apr 28, 3:02 am their a good service! got few of my servers their :)

geek_hasbeana, Apr 28, 4:12 am

Iserve they are NZ owned and operated..

geek_awsome, Apr 28, 4:27 am