little_jeb, Apr 28, 12:15am
URGENT HELP WITH ACCESS '07 NEEDED I am trying to find an 0900 number that can guide me through a question in my assignment due in 4 hours, but there doesnt seem to be one...anybody know where else i can try - have been on the phone with microsoft support got through to malaysisa advised me they dont help they only troubleshoot.....aaarrrgggghhhhh....please help me

1clickaway, Apr 28, 12:27am
Try http://www.scc.net.nz/page/151

little_jeb, Apr 28, 1:48am
Thanks for that 1clickaway you have made me very happy....i really appreciate it, the mans name was brad that assisted me, he was so lovely.....thankyou so much..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
P.S I was pretty much on the right track

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