adblock for ff

new to FF, so far so good.
i use the adblock and the symbol is red. when i check the status it's says 'active' yet it also says 0 of 71(or whatever) is blocked. i still see ads?

what should i be doing?


geek_dawnpatrolla, Jan 5, 7:50 pm

Did you subscribe to a filter?

geek_madcow, Jan 5, 7:52 pm

huh? i don't think so. . should i?

geek_dawnpatrolla, Jan 5, 7:58 pm

Right-click the red sign

Click Preferences

Click Filters

Click Add filter prescription

Click Easylist USA

Click Subscribe

Click Apply

Click OK

And restart Firefox

geek_wakari06, Jan 5, 8:04 pm


did that, what now? refresh?

geek_dawnpatrolla, Jan 5, 8:08 pm and look at 'choosing a filter subscription' a little bit down the page.

geek_madcow, Jan 5, 8:09 pm

You should have to do anything. Are you using Adblock Plus? You should only have to install ABP, subscribe to Ricks List, then restart.

geek_datoofairy, Jan 5, 8:09 pm

Yeah I forgot the last bit :-)

geek_wakari06, Jan 5, 8:10 pm

thanks crew! no adds! great stuff.

will check that link thanks madcow.

geek_dawnpatrolla, Jan 5, 8:10 pm

yes, adblock plus.

whats ricks list? will i get rick rolled?

geek_dawnpatrolla, Jan 5, 8:12 pm