Epson printer issues

phillip.weston, Jan 5, 8:47am
hey guys, recently purchased an Epson Office TX600FW multi function printer/copier/scanner/fax machine, anyway had been functioning well until I turned it off at the wall (along with everything else) as I went away for a few weeks over xmas/new years break. I've turned it back on and it seems to have retained all the settings but I just can't print anymore! It keeps reporting a communication error, so I go through the hassle of reconfiguring the network settings again (as I connect to it via wireless). The config program reports its there and even displays ink levels etc, but I still can't print to the damn thing. I'm still able to connect to the printer to scan things, and I can access the printer's inbuilt memory card port too so there's no issues with the communication side of things, it just seems to refuse to communicate to print. I've reinstalled the drivers, restarted my computer and reset all the settings on the printer and it still is the same. Any ideas people?

phillip.weston, Jan 5, 10:30pm
Ok to further add to this problem, it appears to be an issue with my own laptop. I can connect to the printer fine from my flatmates laptop. It just appears to be something blocking access to the printer via wireless on my laptop. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2 with standard firewall and no antivirus software (no I don't have a virus). Anyone know what would suddenly block wireless access to the printer within Windows? I'm so close to just re-installing windows, it's been 3 years since I last installed it.

mford007, Jan 5, 10:33pm
to be honest a reinstall would not be a silly idea, 3 years of windows rot yuck

BTW I haven't run any anti virus software since 1998

drcspy, Jan 5, 10:57pm
check the printer properties settings in controlpanel/printers. . . . . make-
sure it's trying to use the correct port. . . .

0800xford, Jan 5, 10:58pm
how curious, that sounds strangely familiar. . .

deej5, Jan 5, 11:19pm
I had this problem until I found it was my mouse that was stuck.
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