urgent printer help please

riley2319, Jan 6, 6:30am
I urgently need to print something, was out of ink in my printer (Epson Photo 1410) so have just replaced all the low ones, now it keeps telling me I still need to replace one of them (it takes 6 different colours) I replaced that one again in case it was a dud cartridge, but still no luck (expensive at $33 a cartridge! ). Have turned off unplugged etc etc and don't know what else to do - can anyone please please help

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 7:06am
Take your file to someone with a working printer.

riley2319, Jan 6, 8:14am
yes I can do that - and have done - but doesn't help fix the printer!

wakari06, Jan 6, 8:29am
OUCH! ! ! $198 for ink each time

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 9:58am
Try to fool it into thinking it has a new cartridge. I have a strange idea that it will remember the last 4 or 5 cartridges used in that slot - so put in 3 other ones one at a time, then put the current one back in again.

richms, Jan 6, 11:21am
If you only replace one and another is low, it will prime because of the new one, and then the low one will be out.

Repeat the process till you have wasted loads of ink, or replace all of them at once to save money.

nzmu, Jan 6, 6:29pm
did you use the settings options to change the ink or manual? The settings option is better. Control panel, printer folder, right click that printer, select preferences, then maintenance tab. Use the change ink option there. Remove all cartridges and then put them back in. Hopefully this should solve the problem.

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