Acer EPower management for Windows 7

Can you kindly provide a link please? I can't seem to find one from the net. cheers

geek_maxi090605, Jan 6, 10:11 pm

Do you really need it? The windows power management runs just as good.

geek_bmc61, Jan 6, 10:12 pm

hhmm, i just find the interface of acer quite friendly and easier to access, nothing more. cheers

geek_maxi090605, Jan 6, 10:14 pm

did you build the site: ? ? ?

geek_maxi090605, Jan 6, 10:28 pm

hmmm jumping threads,

geek_flewy, Jan 6, 10:29 pm

bwah-hahaha! nah, just trying to piss your sorry ass. . .

geek_maxi090605, Jan 6, 10:32 pm