ACER TravelMate 290

footplate1, Jan 6, 9:16am
Anyone successfully increased the memory? Tried to add another 500 and the screen split into 16 columns after a few minutes. Had to revert to the original memory. And back to a slow laptop.

soodanim, Jan 6, 9:30am
faulty RAM. . . . ?

RAM either usually works or doesn't work. . . . to do that it soon like it's munted

0800xford, Jan 6, 5:47pm <== run their scan

did you put the correct ram in?

*Installed Size128. 0 MB / 1. 0 GB (max)
* Technology DDR SDRAM - 266. 0 MHz
* Memory specification compliance DDR266/PC2100

footplate1, Jan 6, 5:49pm
Well, actually, it was a techo firm - techo had to come back and remove it, confessing he didn't know where to get one that worked for my old Acer.

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