open access networks: using them safely.

kyc1, Apr 28, 5:05am
Open access networks: using them safely. A new, open access WAN has cropped up in my area and I'm wondering what caveats and tips experienced users would suggest I take before connecting to and using it, or should I not try it until such time as I know all the ins and outs?

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 5:20am
By open access Do you mean a truly free open access network that someone's set up out of the goodness of their heart, or just an unsecured wireless network? If it's the former, make sure it's an access point and not just some random computer sharing their wireless (pint-to-point, or whatever it's called); and disable ALL file sharing (not sure about using usernames/passwords to access websites ... if it's via https I think you should be OK? Someone else can confirm that). If it's the latter, then don't connect.

kyc1, Apr 28, 10:14pm
Thanks dunedin_ree Yes a free open access network. I turned of file sharing, tks for the tip. How can I tell whether it's through an access point or not? It's a meraki mesh and I note they do sell access points on their website. I gather it's either their free (with advertising) standard edition or their pro edition. Either way, someone in the vicinity may well have shelled out $ for an access point, the good buggers :)

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