Internet access, local and internet.

gaba1, Jan 7, 6:35am
How can I access 'local and intenet', as opposed to only 'local'? Unsecured wireless router at work is only allowing ME 'local' access, but I don't usually have this problem with any other attempts to other hotspots, personal, (or neighbours). Others at work can get onto internet no problems.

flewy, Jan 7, 6:40am
changed any settings?

michellew2k, Jan 7, 6:40am
restart your modem

might sort that issue out

spyware, Jan 7, 10:02am
Type ipoconfig /all at shell prompt and post results - do this at work.

gaba1, Jan 7, 10:14pm
No settings have been changed, yes Vista (but I think the same thing happened with my old xp). I won't be at work for a while, but will restarting modem once sort it, or will I have to do it everytime I want to connect. Will not be practicle if I have to do it several times, &, what do you mean by. . shell prompt. ta

0800xford, Jan 7, 10:16pm
type cmd into your RUN box, press enter.
this is the "shell" aka command line interface [cli]

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