HD4570 vs 8600m

ruby2shoes, Jan 8, 4:40am
Hey getting a laptop for school. Need for Photoshop etc, which one of those 2?
Also playing CS:S is a huge plus, would either/both of those be able to do CS:S at say 1680x1050? Thanks

(2. 2Ghz Dual + 4GB ram + VISTA <3)

ruby2shoes, Jan 8, 4:44am
Also BTW little egypt thanks for your help on the Linux laptop, it didn't work tho. I'm just going to reformat and put XP on.

ropes2, Jan 8, 6:05am
Dunno which is better for PS but both will run CS:S easily.

malachiman, Jan 8, 6:15am
1680x1050? ? wouldn't you just need to run it at the resolution of the screen on your laptop

8600M GT runs BF2 really well on full

lostdude, Jan 8, 6:16am
Photoshop CS4 supports CUDA accelerated image processing on 8600M GT & GS models only. So if you want this benefit, go for the 8600M so long as its the GT or GS model.

kane199, Jan 8, 7:05am
CS:S would run on anything wouldnt it?

ruby2shoes, Jan 8, 7:06am
Ahh but the 8600M is a lot more pricey than the 4570 although.
I really only play Starcraft, Runescape and CS:S on PC. So not high demanding games.

And Photoshop I doubt would kill a 4570. Thanks guys. Anymore input?

ropes2, Jan 8, 7:19am
Vram is important if you want to play starcraft 2 when it finally comes out. Do they both have the same amount of dedicated vram?

ruby2shoes, Jan 8, 5:27pm
The HD4570 has 512MB and the 8600M has 256MB. Also the 4570 has DDR3 (abet, not very fast).

jridcully, Jan 9, 11:18pm
I'd still be cautious of getting any laptop with an NVIDIA 8x00 GPU. AFAIK NVIDIA have NOT fixed the issues with them. If you like to game (use the GPU a lot), then I'd be careful. Don't take my word for it - google is your friend. I think the issue also affects 9x00 GPUs too.

laj3, Jan 9, 11:49pm
Nothing wrong with 8600m gt. Have it in my dell and play many games. overclocked a bit to, and all good.

malachiman, Jan 10, 5:52am
Wrong, they all have a known fault, its a material issue and they over heat and then fail. My macbook pro has already had my logic board replaced with this issue, and it effected any brand with the 8600M GT, its not if it will fail, its when. Mine just happened suddenly, I didnt get any warning, and I game a lot to.

I am not 100% sure if they have fixed the issue

laj3, Jan 10, 5:57am
Bummer, well luckily I used to have a laptop cooler pad but now have a custom cooler i made and It stays very cool never over 55C. But everything hates heat.

malachiman, Jan 10, 6:00am
Using a cooler will just delay the possible, try and get it to fail so you can get it replaced before its too late lol, apple have extended replacement by 3 years, nvidia will be picking up a big tab I think

laj3, Jan 10, 6:03am
well DO NOT want to do that as have no warranty on it, have had it for 2 years and never had a problem.

malachiman, Jan 10, 6:05am
From what I have read online (so take who knows? ? ? ) Nvidia had no way of tracking which ones were faulty and which ones were not, there maybe ones with no problems at all.

My macbook was 2 years old when it just failed. out of warranty but apple have released a special extended warranty for them.

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