modem/adsl2 capability

jay-can, Jan 9, 2:03am
how can i tell if this modem (puretek pt-3812) is adsl2 compatible! ? tryd googling it, but just jargon lingo. . could any1 confirm for me? please. . i tried to look for specs for the thomson st536 to compare specs, but again. jargon. . cheers

babcorp, Jan 9, 2:06am
If it doesn't say adsl2 then it probably isn't.

jay-can, Jan 9, 2:12am
uh cheers, had the modem 2 - 3 years, aftermarket type. . all my neighbours clocking speeds up to 15mb, and im stuck on adsl1 speeds. hehe, alright time for upgrade. ta

t0ffee, Jan 9, 2:33am
Thomson specs here:

t0ffee, Jan 9, 2:34am
And as far as I know the Puretek is full ADSL compliant, but not ADSL2.

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