Printer help needed please!!

1stimemum, Jan 10, 7:25am
Would a printer that is being used with Vista work on a compter with Windows 7? The printer is about 3 years old.

drcspy, Jan 10, 7:29am
likely but impossible to tell

YOU goto the printer makers website and see if theres any windows7 drivers available. . . . . . .

or just try to install it an see what happens

axelvonduisberg, Jan 10, 7:29am
Have you still got the Driver disc?
Put it in the new machine so that it gets the right configuration and it should work

1stimemum, Jan 10, 7:56am
I have an old brother MFC 215F that will not work with either my laptop with Vista or my laptop with windows 7 I have been looking at a printer on here so I don't have the printer or software. . . is there anyway I can get my brother one to work? ? ?

1stimemum, Jan 10, 8:16am
Yay got the brother one working downloaded the windows 7 driver very pleased with my self! ! lol

lostdude, Jan 10, 9:30pm

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