epson printer not recognising ink cartridges!!!

bert747, Jan 10, 11:29pm
help please! ! i need to print out some things for my son's birthday in a few days and printer has now decided not to work! ! Printer/copier is Epson TX100, have had for 6 months, only use genuine epson cartridges. replaced empty one last night now printer doesn't recognise any of the cartridges! ! ! have tried turning off and unplugging, also taking out cartridges and reclicking them in. Nothing! ! !

r.g.nixon, Jan 11, 12:15am
Sounds broken.

Hint: install a PDF 'virtual printer' driver, such as "Cute PDF Writer" from
It will create PDF files which you take to any friend or acquaintance to print. They don't need whatever program you created them with.

bert747, Jan 11, 12:48am
crap - hope not. thanks for the other info :)

thewomble1, Jan 11, 8:00am
What happens if the 'old' cartridges are put back in? If the says cartridges empty then the printer is working. Try lightly cleaning the contacts on the 'new' ones and reinstall.

richms, Jan 11, 8:14am
check that its sitting in properly. I have had new ones seem to snap into place, but the ink outlet was not pieced and it was on an angle. A firm push solved it.

ozart, Jan 12, 9:22am
Wonder if that is a fault with these printers as that is exactly what happened to mine also 6 months old and brought from Warehouse stationary and they are hopeless as far as after sale service. Went out and brought another HP, far better.

deodar, Jan 12, 9:32am
Printers are cheaper than ink cartridges at Warehouse Stationery.
But I have a roomful of bloody printers including Canon to swap
out if other plays up. Youtube has videos of changing chip so it is
fooled into'thinking' plenty of ink remains-Epson says their empty
when they aren't.

biker_69, Jan 12, 8:48pm
HP are crap. Expensive cartridges and poor quality.

You should have pushed for a replacement. 6 months would still be in the manufacturers warranty and covered by the CGA well beyond that.

If people continue to accept poor service that's exactly what they'll get.

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