"The connection with the server was reset"

eevent, Jan 11, 12:57am
What does this mean, trying to download Firefox but get this message that Internet Explorer cannot download firefox. . . . etc because of the above title. Get same message from filehippo download as well as mozilla!

eevent, Jan 11, 1:08am
No worries did reboot all ok now!

r.g.nixon, Jan 11, 1:33am
Phew! I was really worried there for a minute!
Thought you might get stuck with Internet Exploder! ! !

eevent, Jan 11, 1:35am
Have just downloaded the latest beta Firefox and it by far better than IE! Just that it takes longer to load or seems to!

ferita, Jan 11, 1:38am
You will freak out if you try opera. Its even better

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