I am glad that I won't be getting a HP mini

harveyblownit, Jan 11, 8:47pm
but an ASUS instead :)

ctnz, Jan 11, 9:00pm
What model ASUS are they giving as a replacement?

harveyblownit, Jan 11, 9:03pm
They were not too specific, but they said it would be the same specs. I went to look at a 10 inch asus at dse. The guy from HN said it will have a LED screen. When I paid the raincheck the guy said it would definately be a HP. Glad its not. MY last laptop was a HP had a lot of problems with it.

r.g.nixon, Jan 11, 10:14pm
We aren't worried. The CGA will cover us for at least 3 years!

phil_boy, Jan 11, 10:53pm
It's being specifically made to be the same specs as the HP Mini.

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