Can't read instructions on brother printer

lizzie123, Jan 15, 10:47pm
Try as I might I can't find any instructions for this. Is there a way to make the LCD instructions darker on my brother MFC?

lizzie123, Jan 15, 10:52pm
Guess not!

computerpro, Jan 15, 10:55pm
Yes there is - have a look at the manual.

lizzie123, Jan 15, 11:00pm
Hi Computerpro

Have well researchd manual first before positing - no luck there I am afraid. It could be that my printer is elderly (aprox 8 years old) having said that no problems really except the LCD. If you could enlighten me I would be so grateful.

lizzie123, Jan 15, 11:01pm
Oops sory about the typos! Trademe could do well with spell check! :)

waderiver1, Jan 15, 11:05pm
Shakes my head.

mford007, Jan 15, 11:06pm
it's usually called contrastwhat model printer is it?

mford007, Jan 15, 11:07pm
nods - firefox built in spell check + Australian dictionary

hakatere1, Jan 15, 11:11pm
lizzie, I have had same problem. I have just used a wee torch to read it in the past. But have bought a Canon Pixma 4500now and only use the scanner on the Brother. I use it from within windows so never look at the silly little screen anyway. The carts are all dry now, but I just put tape on the backs of them to fool the printer into thinking that they're all full. . . . . . . . If you use the latest version of Opera as your browser, you will find it has a built in spell-checker.

vtecintegra, Jan 15, 11:20pm
Try looking at the display for a different angle

drcspy, Jan 15, 11:28pm
and: "Can't read instructions on brother printer"

why is'nt it in english ? or what ?

hakatere1, Jan 16, 1:57am
If it's like mine dr, the display is so weak and dark, it can't be read.

drcspy, Jan 16, 3:08am
ah . . . . . . . .

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