Compact Printer Options

nzvanfan, Jan 17, 1:19am
Hi. Looking to buy a printer but just want something small - really only want it for black and white printing. Anyone have any suggestions? Doesnt seem to be a lot around any more. Would love for it to be wireless or able to connect to my router. Looks like most inkjets are colour as well but don't do any colour printing - just A4 black and white. Thanks in advance.

mford007, Jan 17, 3:42am
Brother HL-2170W php? p=260760

nzvanfan, Jan 17, 4:37am
Thanks - was looking more for an inkjet rather than laser but this does look interesting. Will investigate further.

baker-assoc, Jan 17, 4:39am
If you are only doing black and white, I strongly recommend you go laser, it will be much cheaper in the long run :)

mford007, Jan 17, 6:05am
black and white ink jets do not exist any more and they all need full colour cartridges just to print black

nzvanfan, Jan 17, 6:48am
Have an epson at the moment thats more of a photo printer - never print photos on it so let the colour cartridges run out but it woun't let me print with empty colour cartridges despite the black ink being full - stupid if you as me. Might be best to go laser i'm now thinking.

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