USB wireless adapter compatibility

Hi all I got a a netgear router model WGR614 v7And now i need to get an wireless adapter for it.
can anyone please let me know if the Netgear WG111 USB 54Mbps 802. 11g Wireless Adapter will work fine with my router?
thanks in advance for all the help.
the adapter I trying to buy is this:
auction # :265537072

geek_kolinir, Jan 17, 5:31 pm

It should be fine. If you have trouble, update your firewire of your router and try again. I had to do this for my Windows 7 laptop to be able to connect to it.

geek_bmc61, Jan 18, 10:07 am

any usb wireless adaptor should work

geek_drcspy, Jan 18, 4:09 pm

you what ? that statement makes ZERO sense at all

geek_drcspy, Jan 18, 4:10 pm

The real sad bit about above statement is that it is made by a person who is computing level 5/6 qualified. Yet it is, a completely senseless statement, I assume it implies a firmware update.

geek_spyware, Jan 18, 7:49 pm