ddr333 laptop ram 1GB or more

just wondering if anyone has any of the above ram lying around that they want to sell or get rid of as i need more for my toshiba laptop... really hard to find apparently. have a few in watchlist that are advertised on TM. Thanks

geek_bryandkim, Jan 19, 1:12 pm

Common as. I have about 10 sticks here at the shop. and they are $80 New. So that will give you an idea on costs here on TM

geek_swivel, Jan 19, 1:21 pm

ohhh really? ? ? thanks so much i was told its pretty hard to find... . obvioulsy not! Will buy some of TM then thanks

geek_bryandkim, Jan 19, 1:23 pm

Yeah - still common enough with certain brands. Can range in price from $65-$100 for brand new (depending on brand and store).

geek_flick13, Jan 19, 2:53 pm