PDF Converter (word to pdf)

Can anyone suggest a good one (preferably freeware) that I can download? TIA!

geek_leobreaker, Jan 19, 12:28 am


geek_johnf_456, Jan 19, 12:29 am

I use cutepdf

geek_mford007, Jan 19, 12:30 am

Ahh I'm on MS 2003...

geek_leobreaker, Jan 19, 12:30 am

cute pdf is good. Easy too.

geek_whakatanerocks, Jan 19, 12:30 am

+1 cute pdf writer

geek_radiowaves, Jan 19, 12:33 am

I use OpenOffice, export to PDF is built in and I have the PDF import plugin installed as well.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 19, 1:40 am