vodafone prepay broadband stick

smile4me, Jan 19, 5:43am
has anyone here got this? can you give me an idea on how it works and what it costs?
and would i be better off going to slingshot broad band as its only an extra $20 on my bill to do it, but you only get 2 gig of data a month.

hakatere1, Jan 19, 7:06am
Just get a higher data cap then. Simple really.

gsimpson, Jan 19, 7:30am
I just topped up my sisters vodem at $30 for 500mb. It is $10 for 100mb. Yes, it is more expensive but is the equivalent of a mobile phone and gives greater portability just like a cell phone. You pay for the privilege.

smile4me, Jan 19, 8:04am
cheers. will have a think about it.

wakari06, Jan 19, 8:18am
Do a search on here for VODEM, they're practically giving them away now. They were $99 from Vodafone around Christmas c/w $40 credit on a sim. (just checked the Vodafone website and they are still available at that price until March)

smile4me, Jan 22, 12:48am
oh wow thanks!

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