Buying a laptop, Acer or Compaq?

hannah_99, Jan 19, 9:21pm
Hi I am looking at buying a laptop. I have a friend who has advised to get a Acer or Compaq model. I have found two that i like at Dick Smith XC4293 and XC4357. I am wanting it for studying and storing photos and music and i dont want to spend over $1000. Does anyone like or dislike these two models? or is there anything else you can sugest? These two seem exactly the same but is there anything else i should be looking out for?

axels11, Jan 19, 9:37pm
I'd suggest you stay away from the likes of dse, had a look at a couple of their laptops and noticed they are bogged down with manufacturer services and processes. (dell 2. 1Ghz 4Gb ram installed 886MB ram free). Acer and Compaq tend to get a bad rep here. My suggestion would be to go see the likes of PBtech in hamilton or any proper computer shop, they will have a much better idea of what machine would suit you when you explain what your needs are. Quick look at their akl site shows some in your price range with good spec's, if it has vista see if you can get it with Win7 upgrade.

hakatere1, Jan 19, 9:42pm
Asus, Toshiba, Mac. In that order. Compaq (HP), which I have and Acer are way down the bottom.

hannah_99, Jan 19, 9:48pm
Great thanks for your help. I have asked in General as well and everyone said to get Windows 7 as opposed to Windows Vista. I was wondering about the Vista, are there are any real problems with it or is it just hard to use?

mals69, Jan 19, 9:52pm
Forget the crap they sell at most shops and buy from the people that invented the PC -IBM - bought mine last year on-line for $1200 and leaves the crap in the shops for dead !

axels11, Jan 19, 9:59pm
Toshiba is very good, I bought 1 and am very impressed with it. Something like this one may suit as long as your not into gaming, item=NBKTOS9072D

drcspy, Jan 19, 10:35pm
the person who suggested you get an acer isn't any kind of 'friend'...

mals69, Jan 19, 11:15pm
acer lmfao - great if you like using a ball-point pen to type as the keys fall off

nik298, Jan 19, 11:23pm
Stay away from Acer... . I bought one last march and got rid of it in october... . I hated it... . sooooooooo slow combined with vista. Compaq has a bad reputation but in saying that, my Dad still has my old one that I bought in 2004 and it's still going! I now have a Toshiba with Win7 and I'm very happy with it :-)

vtecintegra, Jan 19, 11:30pm
You mileage my vary.

I have had extremely good experiences (possibly luck) with various Acer models, and terrible with Toshiba. Some of the latest Acer designs are pretty good, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Timeline for instance (if I wanted a bigger than netbook but still portable system)

missyone, Jan 20, 12:36am
I 2nd this we have an Acer desktop (just needed a ram upgrade) and have had a Toshiba Laptop (And also family member has had a toshiba laptop) and we have had a few problems with them.

lythande1, Jan 20, 12:37am
Asus or Toshiba. You can't get Vista anyway now, its discontinued and Win 7 is the replacement. Only mad people would want Vista anyway. Win 7 looks similar but it is very different.

wpcnz, Jan 20, 1:16am
The Acer Timeline 13" model looks very good as a students laptop, amazing battery life and very thin. Also looks very nice. Bit out of your price range though perhaps

truckr, Jan 20, 6:06am
compac presario is good loaded with vista. .

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