Shopping Cart recommendations

rushed, Jan 20, 4:09am
Looking for people who have had experience of shopping cart software and what they would recommend. There is a fair number to use both free and purchase. All I need is the direct encryption because have my own credit card facility and using only Visa and Mastercard.

malachiman, Jan 20, 4:14am
ZenCart and Oscommerce probably the most well known, I have only dealt with Zencart and found it very easy to integrate into an existing website. Regarding CC possessing, do you mean you already have a merchant account... depending on how you have this setup you may need someone to custom write a payment module for you

mattnzw, Jan 20, 5:15am
Really it depends on how technical you are. We use a version of thefollowing system , which is a paid system . There is no technical knowledge required for this hosted version, and it has heaps of features. There are 'free' versions of shopping cart software, but you do pay for what you get and often no support, and the free open source ones don't tend to have the same sorts of advanced features as the paid ones.

guest, Jan 5, 9:41am
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guest, Jan 5, 9:41am
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guest, Jan 5, 9:41am

guest, Jan 5, 9:41am

guest, Jan 5, 9:41am

guest, Jan 5, 9:41am
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guest, Jan 5, 9:41am
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guest, Jan 5, 9:42am
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