Voice Mail Message on Vodafone SIM card

malden, Jan 20, 7:10am
Tried this in General, but will give you lot a go too! :)

We have a Vodafone SIM card that we've kept active because it has my late father's voice mail message on it. Does anybody know if there is a way I can get this in another format and save it? TIA :)

vtecintegra, Jan 20, 7:14am
On my Nokia phone its easy to record a call, just call voicemail then hit the 'Options' key then choose 'Record'. This will record the call to your phones memory.

You should then be able to transfer the recording onto a PC (or a memory card if the phone takes them) and save it.

malden, Jan 20, 7:19am
Thanks vtecintegra - I think I've explained it badly! It's my Dad's phone and it's his voice mail recorded to the phone that we want. We're hoping to let our daughter use the phone but she would prefer not to have it with Grandad's message permanently on it. In General, it's been suggested that I talk to Vodafone - apparently they can do it somehow. I will visit them next time I'm in town.

dunedin_ree, Jan 20, 7:27am
So ring up the number and use the record feature (as suggested above) to record the message. Assuming it's the "hi, it's so and so here, leave a message" that you want?

It's not on the PHONE, it's on his voice mail box.

drcspy, Jan 20, 7:39am
the sim card only gives access to that mailbox the message is stored at vodaphones voicemail system NOT on the phone... ... .

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