how to stop a printer jamming....

smellykelly, Jan 20, 10:18pm
this is SOOOO infuriating... . my brother multifunction printer Keeps jamming - every time i go to print something - I have looked all through it and i cannot for the life of me see anything that would be jamming it up - eek - what to do now? ? ?

vtecintegra, Jan 20, 10:20pm
Try different paper. Maybe the stuff you're using now is too thick, or too thin

r.g.nixon, Jan 20, 10:23pm
Take it apart and put it through the dishwasher.

radiowaves, Jan 20, 10:29pm
Damp paper. Put it in the HWC.

mford007, Jan 20, 10:29pm
Take the musical instrument off it LOL

If it's under warranty get it fixed, else

find out the error in MAINTENANCE mode.

- Switch off the machine by pulling out the AC plug
- Switch on the machine with holding the "MENU" button down. Keep holding it until you see some info, then release... .
- What kind of error pops up in the display?

post any error codes

smellykelly, Jan 20, 11:04pm
thanks for your help - unplugged and replugged came up with maintenance 4 - but unjammed itself and spat the paper out

smellykelly, Jan 20, 11:05pm
thanks - tried it crossed my fingers but no :(

deej5, Jan 21, 2:52am
It could be a problem with your mouse ... http://images. jp

eileenc2, Jan 21, 3:00am
I have this problem too. If paper is damp or room is too humid then paper jams. I keep the paper in the hot water cupboard and run the dehumidifier in the computer room next to the printer. that always solves the problem for me.

whakatanerocks, Jan 21, 3:10am
Turn it off?

peterlowrie, Jan 21, 4:39am
Usually jams keep happening in the same place. Usually it's due to a tiny cam or foot that has a spring missing. Look at the very point that it jams. You may need a screwdiver. Be gentle.

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