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brickplasterer, Jan 21, 11:26pm
This is carrying on from the previous thread regarding access of files. Windows was reinstalled (Not formatted). Windows originally said it wont delete the files. But they are no good to me anyway, as I cannot access 100's of family pix that are over 1mb each. Anything under 1mb it will open such as temp internet files. But anything over 1mb it opens and says No Preview available. I did have the problem of not being able to acces them after windows was reloaded. The folders came up access denied. Im past that though. I logged in as admin and changed security. If you can help, you would help me out of the dog box tonight when my misses finds out all the family photos are gone. haha. im laughing now... .

0800xford, Jan 21, 11:51pm
this thread ==> http://is. gd/6Lz9g

the information is contiguous, perhaps just repost the above in that thread and let this one die.

johnf_456, Jan 21, 11:53pm
Re installin windows does wipe your files to say sorry even if you didnt format. Unless u did a repair install. Also no need for 2 threads

little_egypt, Jan 22, 12:04am
You're stupid and wrong.

If you press F11 and windows gives you the option of "Fixing up" windows and says that this "will not remove any of your documents or settings" (which is an option provided on most machines nowdays, and what the OP seems to be saying is the message they got) then I think it's fairly safe to say that it should not have removed the documents and settings.

Also the OP describes changing permission on an obviously not deleted folder, and getting "Access denied" on files which doesn't mean that they've been deleted, it means they have the wrong permission or ownership.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 12:07am
except, now i can access the files, but they do not open up and work at all. Eg a JPG says No preview available. The image wont work. Just like the rest of the files including avi files and some web design work I was working on. time for the technician?

johnf_456, Jan 22, 12:09am
Im not stupid, i was reading the other thread. Which has a different explanation of what he did. Depends how you read it.

little_egypt, Jan 22, 12:10am
As for the original question; I've long ago given up trying to get Windows to do anything useful. Get an Ubuntu CD (download it from Ubuntu on another computer, or find out if there are any LUG's or Linux geeks in your neighbourhood) and access the windows drive. It'll be in the "Places" menu and browsing it in Linux is pretty similar to browsing it in Windows Explorer; plug in any external USB drive and just drag and drop the files you want to an external drive, Linux will strip out all of the permission and ownership in the process so you should have no trouble reading the files from the external drive back into Windows.

johnf_456, Jan 22, 12:18am
Also your stupid, "fixing up windows" is a also repair install. Its just not called a repair install, but essentialy it is a repair install. Has it repairs the windows files and windows issues without loosing user data generally(simplified).

So pouring the kettle black mate. Course its not going to remove data dohhh! But to me its a repair install (has its essentially repairing your installation), and that's what most people on this message boards would think.

Fixing up windows is a REPAIR INSTALL and that's would most tech would refer to it as. Not a noob term like fixing up windows.

johnf_456, Jan 22, 12:21am
Agree with this, linux is great for solving a lot of winblows related issues. Download linux burn it to a disk, boot it up live. Has above said move them to a external drive then move them back off the external/memory key what eva once your done.

Saves a lot of messing around.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 12:40am
hey thanks guys, ill try that instead. im guessing i have two OS loaded on, the current one so i dont lose the files and a linux OS? sorry for being ingornat, but could save me some painful hours if i dont ask. :)

johnf_456, Jan 22, 12:47am
You dont need to install Linux its just a live disk.

When you boot up the disk, use "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer"

This way it will not touch or wipe windows at all. After you done in ubuntu reboot and pc is back to normal. Make sure you take the disc out. : Great guide

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 1:00am
cheers. most helpful :) the download is 680mb and its 54%. Im waiting for it to finish. thanks for ya time people

deodar, Jan 22, 1:07am
Have a look at Unlocker but download to memory stick because any
data written to the HD may overwrite what you want back. Even just
rebooting dose that, Ecuse moi, I'm aware programmers know that
already without being told. It's a useful 'access denied' repossessor.
Please guys quit the shit, I see you have john, lets try & be constructive. (or Instructive& helpful). This IS YOUR MODERATOR
WRITING as 0800 has done another runner. Or its Vote, vote.

little_egypt, Jan 22, 1:59am
btw "stupid and wrong" is one of Linus's favourite expressions. Don't take it too seriously.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 2:04am
I no longer have the problem of access denied. I have tried unlocker and no luck. Its just a big problem for me as some jpg files i really want I cant get to open. Some are of my son on his first two hours ever. I guess tonight ill be on the couch - my misses will be spewing. The problem is the files apear blank but stil retain the original file size. I talked to a mate into Linux and he said John and little egypt could be right with the access denied problem, but it wont help trying to get success in opening the photos. Is there a program I can download, even a shareware one. Im keen to get even ten photos back. Its not just happening to photos, its vids and emails and flash files etc etc.

little_egypt, Jan 22, 2:14am
I just about guarantee that the problem is still just Windows being an ass. Don't give up yet.

If the photos also appear blank in Linux then that's a bigger problem but still might not be hopeless. There's a program "ntfsundelete" on the ubuntu CD (it's part of the NTFS tools package which is included so that the installer can resize windows if necessary) which is a very powerful file recovery tool. You might need a linux geek to help you with this though, it's a fairly complicated program.

There's also 'recoverjpeg' (not on the CD but you can install it temporarily on the live CD over your internet connection) which will ignore filesystem problems and rebuild lost jpegs directly from whatever data it can find. If recoverjpeg can't find them, THEN you have a problem.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 2:23am
now thats the best advice i have had so far. thanks for being direct and not piss taking.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 2:23am
have just downloaded it and burning begin now! big file...

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 2:30am
ok, now my disk is 700mb and the extracted size is 722mb. what is safe to delete?

little_egypt, Jan 22, 2:34am
"You're doing it wrong! "


brickplasterer, Jan 22, 2:36am
man im a tool. . haha

little_egypt, Jan 22, 2:44am
If it helps, almost EVERYONE does the same thing the first time...

deodar, Jan 22, 5:04am
Yeah egypt is correct on all counts, I've used Ubuntu to repair Windows XP once and it worked magic. There's afile joiner program
which splits downloads & rejoins them, one thing I never recovered&
haven't missed til now. It can span CD's so I'll have a search (research) for it now lol.

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 5:14am
yeah im doing a memory test now and its takin about an hour nearly. i only have 1gb ram in it lol I will give it a go soon, stay tuned people... thanks for ya advice so far

brickplasterer, Jan 22, 5:25am
ok little egypt, im stuffed now i think. i did what ya said, downloaded ubuntu and out it on CD. Put it in my computer and got the menu on screen. i selected the top option to try it and the computer rebooted. after doing its count thing at the start of turning on, the computer promptly shut down. my boot order is with the cd first. is this right?

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