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malachiman, Jan 22, 1:44am
Probably a little optimistic, but why wont it just die already.

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0800xford, Jan 22, 1:59am
wot no, adobe OS?

malachiman, Jan 22, 2:06am
lol yeah an Adobe OS, can you imagine, you wont be able to buy it on a DVD, it will be to bloated, you have to buy it on a Hard drive

stardesta, Jan 22, 3:10am
Flash is the most usable format for video and advertisements. Why? Because it is on 98% of computers world wide

0800xford, Jan 22, 3:13am
AOS, could be a laugh aye =p

cybertao, Jan 22, 3:26am
That's so f***ing sweet! It requires less than half the processing power. I've always hated flash, right from the start. The flash plugin is my number one (only? ) cause of browser instability.

rua69, Jan 22, 3:54am
Cheers for this. Are you getting sound?

0800xford, Jan 22, 4:07am
hey cool, chur cyber dude

cybertao, Jan 22, 4:11am
I'm getting sound. The lower quality feeds are blocky, there isn't a lot of filtering to smooth it out. But I don't think it's a problem, just a difference.

rua69, Jan 22, 4:20am
No sound here with chrome. Works fine w/ flash :/

I like the look so far. I've never liked that blurry smoothed filtered business.

pcmaster, Jan 22, 4:21am
was thinking along the same lines.

cybertao, Jan 22, 4:45am
are offering an HTML5 player. At the bottom right of most videos is a 'Switch to HTML5 player' link. Good way to try it out.
I seem to be getting youtube in flash again, so perhaps it's only certain videos?

0800xford, Jan 22, 5:51pm
norton OS ha ha ha!

but seriously, i'm actually surprised adobe haven't made one yet.

0800xford, Jan 22, 6:16pm
i think java should make their own OS too, they make computers and stuff.

cybertao, Jan 22, 7:11pm
Java is an OS, in a way, one that runs on a non-existent computer that is emulated by whatever runs Java.
Check out Google Android, apps are written in Java.

malachiman, Jan 22, 7:19pm
That does not mean its good! the technology world moves on, while flash just gets fat.

0800xford, Jan 22, 7:28pm
*cough* cyber, dude? /deadpan

"answer the question you geek! "
aaaaw fun times

stardesta, Jan 22, 10:58pm
malachiman. From a business point of view it is very risky to have the best program that no one currently has installed on their computer.

seriouslycgi, Jan 23, 9:14am
youtube just swapped to quicktime for encodes (i think) they wont support open standard video for a while they have said, flash isnt just video, it has a monopoly because there is nothing else. it is bloated but it stands alone.

dunedin_ree, Jan 23, 9:20am
H264 MP4's, I believe?

seriouslycgi, Jan 24, 4:24pm
ha :S i was wrong, they are switching - sorry. as you were.

malachiman, Jan 24, 7:42pm
HA, if you cared about your customers, you would never suggest a flash site

woogmo, Jan 25, 12:03am
In theory all you should need is an up to date web browser (once the major browsers release versions with html5 support), something that everyone should have installed

cybertao, Jan 25, 12:05am
If HTML doesn't work, isn't available in your browser, or isn't available from the server in the correct format, then it just falls back to using Flash.

I'm loving it. F#$% Flash, f#$% it in the eye., Jan 25, 2:47am
For getting rid of annoying ads on websites, and flash splash screens, use firefox and put in the flashblock extension.

It still doesn't solve the bloat thing, but you don'thave to watch flash rubbish unless you want to.

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