ADSL2 Query

hapukanz, Jan 22, 4:14am
Ok My ADSL ROUTER is ADSL2 compatable

The Telecom plan I am on is ADSL2 compatable

so how do I check I am actually using ADSL2? ?

gyrogearloose, Jan 22, 4:46am
If your downstream connection is more than 12Mbps then it must be ADSL2+ rather than ADSL or ADSL2.

ADSL jumps in increments of 32Kbps, so if your connection speed is divisible by 32 and gives a whole number, then it's ADSL.

Otherwise I can't give a straight answer - post your connection speed and line attenuation and we'll guess. ADSL2+ needs good internal wiring, things like telephone extension cables are NOT compatible.

goldenlocks, Jan 22, 5:06am
Go to the telecom website, search, adsl2, put your address in and it will tell you.

hapukanz, Jan 22, 10:32am
Surely that will only tell me if my address is capable of receiving ADSL2 not that I am actually getitng it? ?

giddy_up, Jan 22, 10:39am
depends on distance from where you get your DSl (Exchange or roadside cabinet).
If your within 2km of where teh DSL feeds & you have a ADSL2+ modem & on compatible plan it would be 99. 9999999% safe to say you are on ADSL2+

simp1060, Jan 22, 10:39am

hapukanz, Jan 22, 10:45am png

sorry link seems to have effed up LOL

sandy_1974, Jan 22, 10:52am
OK so what modem do you use. I have been told using USB sucks with speed. Another way is to see inside your modem and check connection speed. if you follow me.

hapukanz, Jan 22, 10:59am
Dick Smith ADSL 4 port router hard wired to the phone jack

simp1060, Jan 22, 11:19am
wow, just so many variables...

hapukanz, Jan 22, 11:28am
? ? ?
not sure what you mean? ?

malachiman, Jan 22, 7:37pm
Log into your router and it will tell you what connection you have, well my linksys does anyway.

simp1060, Jan 22, 9:07pm
from computer specs, conection to the modem(i. e. wireless, type of cable, length of cable), DSE modem... hmm(settings, quality of connections), cable to the wall, (age, grade, length), quality of wal socket, home wiring quality, copper cable length, connection in roadside cabinet, length to exchange etc. The adsl2+ speed is 'theoretical maximum'. Keep hassling telecom though, if you can be arsed, you never know they might do something for you. your speed not terrible anyway

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