software for psc1210 hp pavilion printer

need4speed2, Jan 22, 10:08am
I have just purchased a printer second hand off sister model number psc1210 its a hp pavilion. i dont have the cd software anyone can pleasehelp me? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? i need to print asap

d.laidlaw, Jan 22, 10:09am
from google

http://h10025. www1. product=90764&

possum888, Jan 22, 10:10am
http://is. gd/6Ncd5

deodar, Jan 22, 10:18am
Oh thanks, I'll give them a try. I have a little knowledge. Just a smidjin
Have to wait for hubby -he's a computer engineer then I'll blow away
my sister, the effing Bitch.

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