Free site for blogging?

hollyday, Jan 23, 4:37am
Recommendations please... ... ... ... ... definitely an end-user for computers here, I couldnt programme my way out of a paper bag (In fact, I might be lost in there forever).

I am a closet-writer, and I want to start a daily blog, using an idea I have had for a book. Can someone please suggest a site that is available for this? I dont want to run a whole website with graphics, etc, just an easily accessible blogsite... ... ... ... ... my ramblings are probably more than twitterings, and I need it open to public access and easy to update.

Thank you kindly,


bidda2, Jan 23, 4:46am

You'll regret not doing it properly though if your blog gets popular.

hollyday, Jan 23, 4:47am
What do you mean by not doing it properly?

jancemord, Jan 23, 5:34am
Like if it really takes off and you want to customize the theme etc you wont be able to or have things for your "fan" club

dunedin_ree, Jan 23, 5:35am
Or have your own domain ( or whatever, instead of wwe.

seriouslycgi, Jan 23, 9:05am
because people who make a site that the only draw to it is blogging dont know anything about setting up themes for bloggers?

l43a2, Jan 23, 9:13am

bidda2, Jan 23, 9:38am
If it takes off then you are stuff with the blogger site using that domain with limited control. If you switch to a new domain, although you can tell visitors to go the new site, you are essentially starting again in the eyes of google/ other search engines.

Most people don't really know what they want from their sites so having full control can save a lot of hassle if you suddenly realise you want something different.

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