Old Music

Hey guys I am a novice but was wanting to download 70's music onto a cd through my computer. What free website that is bug free. Which would you suggest

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 5:50 pm


geek_drcspy, Jan 23, 5:51 pm

Go and buy it, or download it from a proper (i. e somewhere you PAY for it) site.

geek_huffalump, Jan 23, 6:00 pm

The bargain bins at (eg) the Warehouse are always a good option for old music.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 23, 6:02 pm

Hook your stereo up to the input of your soundcard. Play and record (using Audacity, a freeware sound recorder/editor). Or do similar with a USB record player - from about $99.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 23, 6:11 pm

Best Warehouse bargain at the moment... PINK FLOYD LIVE IN POMPEII DVD I think it is in the WH for $9. 99

Great DVDit has video of the studio rehersals for DSOTM on there as well

geek_hapukanz, Jan 23, 6:13 pm

No I am not a music enthusist I am selling my Mums old stuff as she is moving to Australia. I have some of her cassettes her like 20 Solid Gold Hits Volume 5 from the 70's and was wondering how I could get to hear those songs on my computer and maybe an ipod without it costing $1. 00 per song which my son informs me it costs. I am thinking of at least 100 songs and I haven't got the money to waste $100 on 100 songs.
I am not trying to jip the system I just wanted to find a cheap way of listening to my childhood music. I will probably get bored with it in a few months and not listen to it very often - who know.

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 6:27 pm

Thank you but I am thinking more along the lines of Delta Dawn, Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine and Playground in my mind. The real classic old stuff

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 6:29 pm

Thank you but that works out to be $1. 79 per song. Guess I will do without. Would be okay if you could get these albums on cd but you can't I have checked.

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 6:42 pm


geek_ferita, Jan 23, 6:43 pm

I think you mean iTunes. And that's not a bad price for music when you can pick and choose which tracks you want.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 23, 6:44 pm

I've got Solid Gold Hits Vol 1. It must be a collectors item by now. It's got the classic "burning bridges" on it.

geek_paddaricko, Jan 23, 6:47 pm

I am listing Mums this week and yes they go well back

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 6:49 pm

Thank you but I am thinking more along the lines of Delta Dawn, Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine and Playground in my mind. The real classic old stuff


And PINK FLOYD is not classic? ? ?

geek_hapukanz, Jan 23, 7:24 pm

Yes it is a classic but for those with taste not the commercial junk on the radio in those days. Pink Floyd was on the radio but not hammered thankfully

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 7:42 pm

I was thinking more of compliation albums like the solid gold series. I used to listen to them in my teens and before. Don't worry it was just nice going down memory lane with these cassettes but not worth the hassle.

geek_wishing, Jan 23, 7:44 pm

this is good as well http://www.radiosure.com/
you can pick from a zillion stations and easily record.

geek_paddaricko, Jan 23, 7:53 pm

So true... . I love blues, and can get just about anything for under $10... . Usually I'm a pirate, but if it's that cheap I just buy the CD.

geek_puddleduck00, Jan 23, 7:54 pm

"You're doing it wrong"

Find music video on youtube, copy youtube address, paste it into any of the media converter websites that can rip mp3's from youtube videos. Eg http://www.mediaconverter.org/

technically it's probably not legal and you probably won't be able to find everything you're after (eg there's nothing from WMG! ), but there's basically zero risk of malware or legal blowback unlike using p2p apps.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 24, 12:21 am

Thanks little egypt will try that today.

geek_wishing, Jan 24, 11:32 am


Also if you have a Real Groovy (or other second hand store round) a bit of patience can net heaps of cheap older CDs. Probably less annoying stuffing round of Youtube anyway.

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 24, 11:37 am

You are the best little egypt THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

geek_wishing, Jan 24, 11:51 am

rocket ive got all the 60s 70s in fact mine collection gos back to the 40s

geek_blueberry, Nov 2, 6:01 pm