Buying a Multifunction Printer

kolinir, Jan 24, 1:09am
What multifunction printer use the cheapest INK, I got a HP C4180 and the cost of the ink is very expensive.
what multifunction printer do you recommend?

r.g.nixon, Jan 24, 1:22am
I like our Epson TX200, got it for about $99 a year ago. We get refill inks cheap from a guy in Feilding who appears to sell heaps of it on TM.

biggal, Jan 24, 1:32am
I have a 6 ink HPC7180 Multi-funct. with wireless/fax and I have been
very happy with it. HP recently put up the prices of their Hp02 carts but my local ink person has arranged a supply of compatible carts. at $12 each. Been using them for 2years with no probs. at all.

rgtrading, Jan 24, 1:38am
You can buy cartridges for most printers on here but there are some things to be aware of. Using cartridges other than those of the printer manufacturer will usually void the warranty. Cheap cartridges often also mean cheap ink. If you don't use you printer regularly the ink may clog the heads. The inbuild head cleaner may be enough, but if not, alcohol swabs will do the trick.

radiowaves, Jan 24, 1:39am
Yeah in my experience HPs are expensive to run. Very happy here with a Brother and get a set of 4 compatible cartridges here delivered for around $25.

newbie5, Jan 24, 3:03am
I have a brother and have been using compatible refills about 4 sets now, but now the printer wont recognise them. Do the printers only recognise the compaitbles for so long

fifie, Jan 24, 4:38am
From my experience my printer is a brother MF one and i have tried compatible cartridges, and refills, which only worked for a while. decided to give it one more chance before buying another printer and went back to buying the original brother cartridges, i do a fair bit of printing and they are still going after months of use will never go back to cheapies again. . I replace all 4 at once from Harvey Norman for around $65... .

radiowaves, Jan 24, 4:41am
Never had a problem with that. Have used a couple of brands with no problems.

jridcully, Jan 24, 7:28am
Canon seemed to be the best all round MFP when I was looking a few years ago. Ongoing ink costs were quite low (and still are). I got an MP610. Not sure what the current iteration of that model is.

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