Advice on refilling printer cartridges wanted.

jack47, Jan 24, 9:45am
I want to try refilling my empty Canon MP140 printer cartridge, esp after seeing the outrageous prices Canon want for a new one. (almost as expensive as a new printer AND cartridges). Where do I buy a refill kit from? Any advice much appreciated.

maiwifi, Jan 24, 10:17am
the warehouse had a unit available that holds lots of ink and feeds into these cartridges, they have 3 different colours right? = if not you can try they do refills you send them in and they return . . post free

hakatere1, Jan 24, 8:41pm
There are many alternatives to going original. Try inkvenus 3rd the price of original for Canon. They trade on here (TM) too.

gyrogearloose, Jan 24, 8:48pm
I've been buying InkTec brand refill kits at the Mall for a Canon iP3000, check the expiry date on the bottom of the box.

radiowaves, Jan 24, 8:50pm
Don't do it... Just use aftermarket "compatible" ink cartridges... cheap as chips on TM

maiwifi, Jan 24, 9:57pm
the same compatible inks may be available from and there is free postage. i promise i dont work for them its that i have had a internet cafe and used lots of ink

pericles, Jan 24, 9:58pm
try a company called inkjet technologies, they have really good prices

coolnzmum, Jan 24, 11:00pm
Plenty of cheap places to buy generic ink cartridges. Refilling is great but can be messy. I now use a CISS so don't have to change the cartrige at all just refill the ink tanks which are outside the printer.

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