can't install, "administrator privilages needed"

other computer wont install any programs, won't work for the Vodafone Mobile program, Google Chrome, Antivirus software. Internet explorer doesn't seem to exist/open at all. So can't run virus scan, but guessing its a virus, any other clues? (ps, i am an administrator)

geek_kieran211, Jan 27, 10:41 am

-using xp

geek_kieran211, Jan 27, 10:44 am

Windows 7/vista? Right click on installation files and choose "run as administrator".

Edit - oh, hmm, no idea then.

geek_r32skyliner, Jan 27, 10:44 am

If you think your infected best bet is to jump into safe mode to run your scans. Usually f8 while computer is booting up.

geek_axels11, Jan 27, 11:26 am