where can i get a printer that prints onto disc

bluetongue, Jan 27, 6:09am
also needs to have a large amounts of ink. . thanks

exwesty, Jan 27, 7:38am
Check my listing Listing #: 267826049

Brand new boxed item

I'll even deliver it for you and set it up tommorrow night if your quick. It prints on printable CD/DVD media something I do very regularly on my other printer.

gyrogearloose, Jan 27, 7:47am
Several of the Canon printers print onto disk, look for the feature on the side of the box. Large amounts of ink, either a CISS system or locate the bottles of refill ink.

kiwigal, Jan 27, 7:50am
Talk about self propmting(sp).

bidda2, Jan 27, 7:52am

Get Firefox, lol.

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