iphone 3gs

agefong, Jan 27, 9:56am
looking at buying one in the next couple of weeks... better for me to go on one of their ridiculously priced plans and subsidised phone? or pay full rrp for the phone and use my current contract + add on for internet? ? im thinking the latter my be better off long term... . but but on the bank account short term

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 27, 10:02am
How desperate are you for a new phone are you? I know its a bit of time, but there is a very good chance there will be a new one out at the end of june.

malachiman, Jan 27, 10:04am
if you really need one, get one and see if they will do a deal with your current contract or wait until July for the new model, may well be worth the wait.

rcmikey, Jan 27, 10:11am
I don't see the new one being greatly different, better camera and more storage being the obvious changes. The new os 4. 0 will run on the 3gs. I would ring vodafone and see if they could do you a deal otherwise just grab one from the apple store and chuck ur sim in.

mazdasix, Jan 27, 10:15am
Get one and go on XT. Vodafone sucks in my experience. Especially the 3G.

billybob57, Jan 27, 10:22am
Ive seen the suppossed UI for the new model , just as boring as the old Iphone UI , thank god for Jailbreaking and being able to load themes

agefong, Jan 27, 10:27am
not desperate for one or need one but would like one. .

malachiman, Jan 27, 10:27am
do you mean a 3. x update or 4. 0 ? ? ?

billybob57, Jan 27, 10:35am
dunno supposed theme I d/L from cydia

billybob57, Jan 27, 10:38am
Its way better than the old one i suppose but still doesnt do anything for me , still not as proffesional looking as windows, got the windows mobile theme running at the moment

malachiman, Jan 27, 10:38am
I doubt it was.

malachiman, Jan 27, 10:39am
I think it works, they went simple.

jridcully, Jan 28, 3:22am
You could get one on an iPhone $40 plan and terminate on the 7th month. The total cost is about $80 more than the cost of the phone by itself (i. e. $80 extra gives 7 months worth of a somewhat limited plan).

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