connecting printer to wireless network

debs109, Jan 27, 9:52pm
having problems doing this trying to connect my laptop to main pc printer I start with the wizard and get to browse for printer and when it searchers it up only comes up microsoft window network and then I cant go any further. wireless network is all set up and laptop runs fine but I cant seem to add the printer to it some helpful guidelines much appreciated thanx, have tried trouble shooters but there is something not right

soodanim, Jan 27, 10:01pm
What operating systems do you use?

debs109, Jan 27, 10:04pm
guess you windows xp

soodanim, Jan 27, 10:48pm
OK, is the printer shared?

Go to control panel, printer and check the sharing

Then on the laptop, go to control panel, printers and "add a printer" etc etc

If that doesn't work, run the "Network Setup Wizard" on both and ensure you check the "printer and file sharing" is enabled when you do it.

debs109, Jan 28, 2:03am
i want the printer on main computer to share with laptop when i go to control panel and add printer it wont let me I browse for printer it serchers and comes up with microsoft window network and then cant go any further as it says error as i need to supply a valid a valid network printer name and this part I dont understand the printer is brother mfc-210c have typed that in but it not right so can go no further.

soodanim, Jan 28, 4:15am
Have you shared the printer? On the main computer... . it can't find it if you haven't... .

debs109, Jan 28, 6:38am
hi again thought maybe you solved the problem as when I checked the work group name they were different so changed both tho the same now both workgroup hold the same network name so what should computer description be and should they be the same same for full computer name. Any way something still not right as it still will not go anymore ideas appreciated thanx

spyware, Jan 28, 7:08am
There are machine names and share names, e. g. , if a machine is call "herman" and a printer on "herman" is shared as "printer1" then the UNC path to it is \\herman\printer1. You use this path on your other computers as the network path. Alternatively use the IP address of "herman", e. g. , \\192. 168. 1. 10\printer1. Workgroups and wizards areirrelevant and can be ignored. The appropriate firewall rule needs to allow file and printer sharing though.

soodanim, Jan 28, 8:00am
OK, so did you run the "Network Wizard Setup" in the control panel and enabled file and printer sharing... or did you check the printer is shared... .

It won't work unless you do... . . please check and confirm it's shared.

soodanim, Jan 28, 8:31am
Hence why running the wizard will make sure printers are shared. It's easy doing it this way than needing to type the exact path/names for network printers.

babcorp, Jan 28, 8:57am
Have you installed network printer drivers for it on the laptop?

soodanim, Jan 28, 9:15am
Never needed anything other than drivers for the printer. You made need to install different drivers if using different Operating Systems but they are both running XP. What do you mean by "network printer drivers"... ?

babcorp, Jan 28, 9:19am
It has been awhile since I've installed one on a network but I'm sure I had install drivers on all machines that were going to use it.

soodanim, Jan 28, 12:59pm
Only if they were different Operating Systems.

debs109, Jan 28, 10:10pm
hi again still trying when i run the network wizard the first message i get is that wizard found disconnected hardware, tells me to connect cables, so i stuck here! ! I can ignore by ticking box should I do this? learning all the time lol

soodanim, Jan 28, 10:32pm
Yes, because you are setting up the wireless, not the "wired" connection, you'll find it because you have no Ethernet cable connected to laptop... . I am assuming it's happening on the laptop or is the PC wireless too?

debs109, Jan 28, 10:44pm
ok lost pls give me the basic instructions to set up this not really my thing but i give it ago. main computer has printer plugged into it we are on wireless and laptop is wireless so trying to connect printer to laptop so not having to insert cords off main pc to print hope this helps thanx

debs109, Jan 29, 12:23am
ok have followed wizard and did it laptop set up but it still wont print so guess its main computer that needs changing pc has the wireless thing plugged into it lol

nzwhisky, Jan 29, 12:30am
I think that if you go to the printer on the main pc and rightclick on the printer you should get sharing option. You need to tick the share this printer. When looking for the printer to print from the LT it will be in your network folder and you will have to select it.

debs109, Jan 29, 3:17am
on main printer it says network wizard says cannot connect thru this pc as it needs a connection to a network (just about had enough I will connect with it soon) lol

soodanim, Jan 29, 10:35am
I've asked that a couple of times... . .

#1 Can you please confirm the printer is shared... ?

debs109, Jan 29, 11:01pm
yes have checked both printer is shared cheers

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