Why when I Save...In MS Office Word 2007

Why when I Save...In MS Office Word 2007 Hi all, Can any one tell me when I try to Re-save a file (IE click Office Button, then click Save), in the File Name field box the original name appears as it should but it looks like this (as an example)..."1970s%20Retro%20Sofa%20Set%20#3". Whats with all the "%20"'s appearing where the spaces should be?? How do I stop it from doing this? Very frustrating each time I want to edit a file name. Thanks in advance.

geek_mss2006, Apr 29, 11:03 pm

Stop putting spaces in your filenames?

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 30, 12:47 am

Vista + Office 2007 bug %20 is the hex code for space.

Are you using vista?

There's a bug that causes office 2007 to replace the spaces with %20 when you have # in the filename. Try removing the # and see if that solves your problem.

Also do a search on microsoft.com to see if there's a patch for this.

geek_montyferret, Apr 30, 1:39 am

Yes I am using Vista Thank you monty for your great answer!!!

geek_mss2006, Apr 30, 4:01 am