Good ADSL Router?

bruiser, Jan 28, 7:45am
I use a PCI based ADSL card which is great, but using a 2nd PC via a network cable sometimes means the 2nd PC has slow internet page load times and generally has a mind of it's own. Completely random stuff. So, I want to look at a stand alone external ADSL router and was wondering which one would be best (most reliable and solid).

I'm not interested in wireless thanks.

intrade, Jan 28, 8:00am
us robotics -3 com, or linksys make sureit is a router-modem not just a router----

intrade, Jan 28, 8:03am
hereyu got theyare top i use one ever since i got broadbandtop diagnostic also withinthe modem 192. 168. 1. 1 is the adressadmin admin to log on... ...

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whangacomp, Jan 28, 8:06am
anything cisco, linksys, avoid thomson

bruiser, Jan 28, 8:11am
Great - thanks all.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 28, 8:16am
I wouldn't avoid thomson, very solid little units. Been using a few in a business environment with quite a few users connected, have no issues with it.

swivel, Jan 28, 7:35pm
Thomson are great modems, I'm talking adsl/router (not the single pc v6 model) But the 585v7, Mines been going over 18months now without being turned off. Also the Telstra Clear use the Thomson tg789n on their VDSL network.

malachiman, Jan 28, 8:55pm
Gee the box puts me off... they seem to be on some very happy pills

princelee, Jan 28, 9:31pm
avoid thomson they are cheap and nasty reason why isp's give them away. Belkin work ok but a lot dont work well with voip.

Linksys WAG160N are bout the best.

willz29, Jan 28, 10:35pm
Get something with a broadcom chipset. They are the most stable. And with most you can run DMT tools to tweak your SNR margin and get a better line speed. For this I run a Dynalink RTA1025W

biggal, Jan 28, 11:07pm

project_gundam, Jan 29, 12:04am
ADSL 2+ compatible would be the way to go. As thats the way of the internet future.

swivel, Jan 29, 12:15am
They don't give them away, What do you think the 1 year contracts cover, Otherwise you buy them 858v7 $199 . So please tell me why they are cheap, and why they are nasty ? ?

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