Connecting Belkin Wireless G to TelstraClear ADSL

Dynalink Modem. OK so I have tried but fail miserably. Now I am getting confused as to whether it should be setup as an access point. The dynalink from TelstraClear in the lan options is 192. 168. 1. 1 and set with a hostname and DHCP is on. I connect the patch cable to WAN port on Wireless G, Set it to receive a dynamic address but it will not work. What am I doing wrong?

geek_ilottl, Jan 28, 9:51 pm

are you trying to connect to the adsl or are you trying to set up the wireless network?

geek_ferita, Jan 28, 10:10 pm

Trying to connect to the adsl which has no wireless function.

geek_ilottl, Jan 28, 10:31 pm

access point seems to be the goer... Its not a cable modem I am trying to connect to.

geek_ilottl, Jan 28, 11:04 pm