ADSL2+ query

hapukanz, Jan 29, 11:11am
I have an ADSL2+ comptable router and I am on an ADSL2+ plan.

In the ADVANCED settings option of my ADSL router it gives me an ADSL option.

In there it shows ADSL MODE selector and the drop down llsit ofersADSL2+there is also anothe drop down option selector underneath with ADSL TYPE. I have ANNEXE A selcted. is this correct or should I have another setting set?

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 29, 11:23am
You should have adsl2+ or auto selected. This is assuming you're in an ADSL2+ area

hapukanz, Jan 29, 11:35am
Yes I am in an ADSL2+ area I have it selected but I am not sure what ANNEXE to select. .

lostdude, Jan 29, 12:11pm
What is there no auto option? ... Annex A is correct anyway.

hapukanz, Jan 29, 12:23pm
Thanks Lost Dude... I have anAUTO SYNC-UP option

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