brother printer wont print...nothing has changed..

morab, Jan 30, 12:32am
i have tried turning off and disconnecting from desktop comp... have wanted to print photos off and now will not print off documents.could someone have changed settings somewhere as have had daughters friend staying and they have been using their laptops on our wireless internet modem. i dont know if they have printed anything of. your thoughts please

r.g.nixon, Jan 30, 12:36am
When you go to print, choose the "Print ... " option. You could have more than one printer in there. Someone may have changed your 'default' printer.

morab, Jan 30, 12:50am
ok... i just ran a print off on my olympus digital program BUT i cant get to print from the microsoft programs

caprio1, Jan 30, 3:38am
I've just had mine go offline for no apparent reason. I checked the ink cartridges and found one of them was leaking. Don't know if that had anything to do with it or not but I managed to get it going again.

morab, Jan 30, 4:07am
ta. i uninstalled the printer and than re installed and it's all go. thanks

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